Recycling & Waste

The Waste Hierarchy at Aberystwyth

At Aberystwyth we're committed to reducing our waste and reusing or recycling anything we can. This not only aligns with our environmental policy, but is the environmentally responsible course of action to take. Here are a few, of many, actions we've taken to reduce, reuse and recycle

  • Reduce

    - University academic departments have increasingly used electronic submissions for work, rather than hard, paper copies, reducing paper consumption.

    - The University has reduced waste produced in all sectors through sustainable procurement.

  • Reuse

    - Aberystwyth have now introduced the use of 'WARPit', a platform facilitating the transfer and reuse of any unnecessary equipment from your department to another. To find out more please visit

      To register, click the green 'Register Now' button.

      If you encounter any problems or have any queries about the use of 'WARPit' then please contact Janet Sanders, 01970 621804.

  • Recycle

    - Aberystwyth is increasingly utilising recycling schemes for many different types of waste, including paper, toner cartridges, paper and CDs.


Sustainable Waste Case Study: WARPit

WARPit is very much like ebay or freecycle in that it’s a platform to legally redistribute surplus or unneeded goods. With WARPit the organisation of redistribution is taken care of so you just upload a picture of what you have, and someone else on the network can view and claim it. Many large organisations like universities use the program just internally to redistribute surplus items between departments to reduce extra procurement costs. Additionally you can offload a lot of items which you’d otherwise have to spend money on waste disposal. You can also be part of external networks. WARPit also facilitates putting people in touch at the right time and promotes items further afield than just within the university, if an item from your ‘wish list’ appears on the market. As well as reducing CO2e emissions from reduced transport and production, it also keeps track of the amount of CO2e you’ve saved (as well as many other key indicators). 


Food Waste

Aberystwyth is committed to reducing its production of food waste, as a result we're taking part in loads of waste reduction campaigns that run throughout the year. Watch this space for updates!

Love Food Hate Waste (external)


Waste Working Group

Our newly formed Waste Working Group is working together to renew our sustainable waste policy and create waste targets and objectives through improving our reducing, reusing and recycling across campuses.


Information on Managing Your Waste

Aberystwyth University information on disposing of your own waste, unusual waste and hazardous waste

Ceredigion County Council information on bin collection times and recycling unusual items