Sustainable Food

Sustainable Food at Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth University prides itself on its sustainable food credentials, boasting some of the most environmentally friendly food outlets in higher education. Our success has largely been engendered by adhering to our sustainable and ethical food purchasing objectives and policy statements. Aberystwyth University is also a leading researcher in sustainable food sources. Additionally, the town boasts some of the best organic sustainable shops in Wales, and the best farmers market in the UK! We're planning on running campaigns throughout the year aimed at sourcing more environmentally friendly and ethical food, as well as reducing your food waste so have a look at our campaigns section and join us on Facebook and Twitter!

Reports on Sustainable and Ethical Food Purchasing and Policy Statement

The full report can be found here, but here are some of the key points of our food policy:

Seasonality, sustainability and local produce

  • The Hospitality Department has increased the amount of seasonal produce that is used through planning and promoting of menus that reflect regional produce seasonality to staff, students and public. This has been achieved as audited by the Bronze Award for Food for Life as proof of our seasonal menus.
  • Meat sourcing:- We have continued to use all our beef and lamb from the university farms and are working on tenders to increase the local purchase of Welsh Chicken and Pork. All our meat purchased is now red tractor and farm assured.
  • Fruit and vegetables. We continue to source as much of our fruit and vegetables from farms in Wales. All of our potatoes are sourced locally as well as an increase of 80% in the supply of food from our greenhouses. We will seek to increase the overall local purchase by 15% by 1st December 2013.
  • Milk and dairy produce. All our milk and cream is Welsh from Highmead dairy and all of our yoghurt is purchased from Rachael’s dairy in Aberystwyth.
  • Fish:- All of our fish purchased is accredited as from sustainable stocks from the Marine Conservation Society. We will endeavour to increase the amount of fish from Cardigan bay through the retender of the HEPCW contract in 2014.
  • Eggs:- all of our eggs are sourced from Birchgrove and so are free range. We have been given the Good egg Award as verification of this. 

Environmental impact and analysis

  • Packaging:- We are working closely with HEPCW and TUCO to ensure that this is part of all retenders. We aim to reduce all packaging by 10% by 1st Feb 2014. We also use all disposable products that are either recycled or 100% biodegradable, for example PlanGlow. This includes all packaging that is produced by the department.
  • We are working closely with HEPCW and TUCO as well a sAberystwyth Universitypurchasing department to ensure that all relevant local suppliers are invited to tender for the allocation of local lots for the regional tenders. Assistance for this is also offered by HEPCW to the suppliers.
  • Refuse:- the department at present recycles all of its cardboard, glass and plastic, this is to be increased to include tins. We will seek to increase the amount recycled by 7% by the 1st January 2014.

Ethical and Well Being

  • The Hospitality Department continues to support Fairtrade products in line with the University’s Fairtrade Policy. We offer as standard Fairtrade bananas, chocolates, juices, tea and coffee as well as Fairtrade wine. We will seek to increase the fair-trade product range as they become available and within the price bracket for our customers.
  • The Hospitality Department continue to promote and encourage Health and Wellbeing, through the reduction in its use of artificial additives, salt and fats in all its foods. We will be launching a new healthy eating menu with calorific and fat details in July 2013. We also will continue to run the annual health and wellbeing week with emphasis on balanced and nutritional food through promotion and price point.  
  • We also continue to promote healthy options on the menu through price point.

FairTrade in Aberystwyth

Have a look at our Fairtrade Policy (Aberystwyth Fairtrade Policy) and have a look at what happened over Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 (23rd February - 8th March). Check out our facebook and twitter pages to keep up to date!

Fairtrade University

Aberystwyth University has successfully renewed its Fairtrade status with the Fairtrade Foundation (Polisi Masnach Deg/ Fairtrade Policy). The University worked closely with Aberystwyth’s Student Union and the Arts Centre to secure this status which supports the development, working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers. All university cafés run by hospitality services serve only fairtrade hot drinks and snacks! Have a look at our Fairtrade Certificate and

Fairtrade Town

Aberystwyth is a certified Fairtrade town with an active working group of Aber residents. The members have recently (May 2014) undertaken an audit of coffee shops in Aber to check the level of Fairtrade goods sold. An updated audit is due to be released later this year with an increased number of café surveyed. The audit results can be found here!

Research at Aberystwyth

IBERS provides a unique research base that supports food security, bioenergy, and sustainable land use - all of which face a range of conflicting demands, both now and in a future of predicted climate change.

Sustainable food in Aberystwyth Town

Aber has a student led Food Co-op group run by students, the group sells locally sourced, organic foodstuffs and the profit goes to charity! Check it out here!

Aber has a great range of sustainable, locally sourced, and organic choices in town, on top of several health food shops, the 'Treehouse' also provides a great range of organic foodstuffs as well as a restaurant upstairs selling great sustainable food. Look out for their vegbox scheme too! Aberystwyth's farmers market is also the best in the UK and all locally sourced!