25 September 2017

During the summer, the department launched a brand new scheme designed to support our students even after they graduate. The Alumni Access Scheme gives TFTS graduates the opportunity to access a variety of facilities and resources to make sure they can sustain momentum and creative activity they need while building their portfolio of work and experience.


Dr Greg Bevan, Lecturer in Media Practice, said: “When leaving the relative safety of university, graduates sometimes find that being unable to access equipment, facilities and a collaborative environment is a big obstacle as they chase their ambitions, whether it’s to get a job in the industry, start up their own company or simply to continue making creative work. As part of the scheme, our graduates can apply for a short-term residency, borrow equipment or rent a rehearsal space.”


Under the scheme, interested graduates can also asked to be kept informed about special events, workshops and master classes taking place in the department, as well as opportunities for paid or voluntary work experience.


You can read all about the scheme here, including details of the resources and facilities available under the scheme, as well as the application process.

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