Film and Media Scholar to Visit TFTS

02 February 2017

The Department is pleased to announce that nationally renowned actor Richard Lynch will be holding a Workshop on Saturday the 4th of March. The actor, best known for his Shakespeare performances with the RSC and winner of the Welsh Actor of the Year Award, is a department alumnus and returns to the Department to assist students on the Production Project module prepare for their upcoming performance of The Tempest.

Although this opportunity is primarily intended for those students, a small number of other places will be open to other students of the TFTS Department. If you are interested in taking up this opportunity, please email David Ian Rabey ( in order to reserve. There will be no charge for this workshop, but we ask that you please commit to any booking, so as not to exclude others who are interested.

 Those notified of their acceptance should assemble in the Emily Davies Studio this Saturday morning, 9:45 to start at 10, for a workshop of approx. two and a half hour duration.

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