The Seagull

30 March 2017

A young man writes a play for his girlfriend and stages it in his uncle’s garden.  His unreasonable hopes of success are dashed by his mother, who ridicules the work and introduces the girlfriend to a famous novelist.  They fall in love.  The young man destroys his play, bungles a suicide attempt and challenges the novelist to a duel.

A young woman acts in a play written by her boyfriend.  It is strange, static and has no love in it.  She meets the love of her life.  Later, he abandons her.  Her infant child dies.  She continues working as an actress.

A seagull, flying above a lake, is shot.  It is then stuffed and mounted in a glass case.


Chekhov’s curiously passionate tale of art, betrayal and avicide is presented in an extensively revised staging at the Castle Theatre by second-year students from Aberystwyth University’s Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, directed by Roger Owen.

Translated by David Hare.

Dates: 5th 6th 7th April at 7pm and 7th April at 1pm

Times: 1pm  and 7pm

Location: Castle Theatre

Tickets are available from the Aberystwyth Arts Centre Box Office.

01970 623232

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