Dr Andrew Filmer BA Hons Class 1 (Sydney); PhD (Sydney); PGCTHE (Cymru); FHEA

Dr Andrew Filmer

Senior Lecturer

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I joined the department in February 2008 having previously taught at the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales and the University of Western Sydney. I gained my PhD from the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Sydney in 2006.

Additional Information

Co-convenor (with Dr Juliet Rufford) of the F?d?ration Internationale pour la Recherche de Th?âtre / International Federation of Theatre Research (FIRT / IFTR) Theatre Architecture Working Group (2012 to the present).

The purpose of the Theatre Architecture Working Group is to explore all that theatre architecture has been historically, is at present, and might be in the future. We consider built projects alongside unbuilt or speculative architectures, studying these from a wide range of practical and theoretical perspectives. We continue to investigate the ways in which space can be manipulated to bring performers and spectators into dynamic relationship inside traditional theatre auditoria, while also asking how else the disciplines of theatre and architecture inter-sect. We seek to develop theoretical paradigms appropriate to theatre and architecture and to the relationship between them - articulating the many contemporary sites of exchange between these fields and re-examininghistorical encounters in the light of recent developments in spatial theory, architecture theory and practice, and performance studies. Further information on the working group is available from our blog site:

With Dr Juliet Rufford I have organised the Working Group meetings at the Barcelona (2013), Warwick (2014) and Hyderabad (2015) IFTR conferences. In addition we curated the Shared Practice and Shared Pedagogies events at The 2015 Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.

Member of the Running Cultures Research Network



My current research interests focus on two distinct projects: one exploring the multiple sites of encounter between theatre, performance and architecture and the other examining artistic engagements with contemporary running cultures. The first explores the relationships that exist between theatre, performance and architecture within an 'expanded field' of spatial and artistic practice, focussing on contemporary theatre projects and interdisciplinary practices and pedagogies. In the second I am interested in how contemporary artists are using running as a mode of aesthetic enquiry and expression to explore ideas of subjectivity, agency, collectivity and mobility, on how running functions as contemporary performance and social action, and what theatre and performance studies might gain by engaging with the aesthetics of sporting activity.

More broadly my research interests include issues of space, place, location and spectatorship in contemporary theatre and performance, especially the dramaturgical logics and spectatorial practices inherent in site-specific and located performance. Previously my research has focussed on theatre architecture, examining performers' experiences and practices in the backstage spaces of theatre buildings.

Research Supervision

  • Kieran Holland, 'Running and Performance: An embodied and performative examination of recreational distance running', PhD: in progress
  • Wei-Juei Hsieh, 'Bajiajiang as Religious Theatre: Belief, People and Transformation of a Ritual Practice', MPhil: successfully completed 2017
  • Dr Mike Brookes, 'On a clear day you can see for ever …: Mediation as form and dramaturgy in located performance' PhD by published works: successfully completed 2015
  • Polly Walker-Penn, 'Seeing Red: Re-imagining Conservation in Times of Ecological Crisis', KESS funded MPhil: successfully completed 2014

Office Hours (Student contact times)

  • Monday 14.00-17.00



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