Photograph of Professor Birgit Beumers.Professor Birgit Beumers

Professor in Film Studies
BA (Hons) CNAA 1986; DPhil (Oxon) 1991


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FM35920 Experiments in 20th Century Theatre & Film

TFM6020 Screening Cinema 

FM35820 Moving Image Technology

FM26120 Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tales & Film

FM34820 World War 2 on Screen


Birgit Beumers specialises in Russian culture, especially theatre and film, as well as Central Asian and European cinema. She has written a monograph on Yuri Lyubimov at the Taganka Theatre; on the filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov and his Oscar-winning film Burnt by the Sun; and on Russian popular culture. With Mark Lipovetsky, she has co-authored a book on violence in Russian drama and cinema. She is the author of A History of Russian Cinema and has edited and co-edited several volumes on Russian cinema, visual culture and media, including a volume on the filmmaker Alexander Sokurov. During 2007-2009 she held a Leverhulme Research Fellowship and in 2013 she was a Visiting Fellow at the Central European University in Budapest to do research on early Russian and Soviet animation, as well as special effects and technical innovation in Soviet cinema of the first half of the 20th century.


Birgit Beumers was born and raised in Aachen, Germany and came to the UK in 1982 to study English and French Literature at Oxford Polytechnic (now Brookes). She also studied Russian at the universities of Geneva and Paris. After graduation she spent a year in Moscow before she went on to St Antony’s College, Oxford, where she completed her D.Phil on Yuri Lyubimov and the Taganka Theatre. During her postgraduate research she spent time in Russia and worked with Anatoli Vasiliev at the School of Dramatic Art in Moscow. From 1992-94 she held a temporary appointment in the Slavonic Department at the University of Cambridge. In 1994 she joined Bristol University’s Russian Department as lecturer, then senior lecturer and reader. In 2012 she was appointed to a chair in film studies at Aberystwyth.



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