Photograph of Jill Greenhalgh.Jill Greenhalgh

Teaching in Higher Education, Diploma in Dance and Drama
Teaching in Higher Education, Diploma in Dance and Drama


Office: FF4 Parry-Williams Building
Phone: 01970 622878
Fax: 01970 622831


Lecturer in Performance Studies

Teaching Areas

TP10520 – Performance Workshop

TP 22220 – Performance in Context

TP 21620 – Physical Theatre Vocabularies

TP22120 - Performance Composition

TP34040 - Independent Production Project

TP34340 - Solo Performance Project

TP33940 - Advanced Production Project

TP33120 - Theatre, Gender and Sexuality

TP30220 - Key Theatre Practice


(2012/13) MA Practising Theatre and performance


Women and performance, performance protest, practice based research. Quietude in performance.


Jill Greenhalgh has been a professional theatre maker for 35 years. She has traveled and worked extensively within Europe, Australasia and the Americas in her career as a producer, director, performer, and teacher. In 1986 she founded the Magdalena Project - International Network of Women in Contemporary Theatre and has remained its artistic director since.

She is a director and performance maker. Her most recent performance projects include The Water[war]s a long term investigation in collaboration with different groups of women performers across the globe, Las Sin Tierra 7 - Attempted Crossings of the Straits of Gibraltar which she directed for Nomad Theatre of Spain, The Acts - Vigia a performance project that explores a response to the murders of hundreds of young women in and around the US Mexico border town of Juarez. The Threat of Silence – as part of an ongoing investigation in Quietude in Performance. Dohter/Daughter: Examining the performed relationships between mothers and daughters. 

Her current performance project is entitled The Book of Space - a collaboration with Australian writer Margaret Cameron.

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Greenhalgh, J. 2012. Dohter/Daughter: Practice-led enquiry directed by Jill Greenhalgh examining how the intimacy and complexity of the mother daughter dyad might be authentically presented – as opposed to represented – as performance by devising and exploring an evolving dramaturgical structure that could engage female performers from the locality of its sites manifestation and thus allow each staging its distinct cultural and political inflection.

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2010. The Threat of Silence: A practice-led research project investigating the notion of quietude as a primary aesthetic precept for performance: produced, devised and directed by Jill Greenhalgh. This project investigated, developed and applied traditional and innovative principles to the construction of a contemporary exposition employing silence, stillness and slowness as the primary aesthetic choice. .


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