Academic Excellence Scheme 2018/19

Our Academic Excellence Scheme is available to well-motivated students who are able to demonstrate exceptional performance in their education to-date.

The scheme has been created to recognise academic excellence and is available across all of our full-time, undergraduate degree programmes (Foundation, Bachelors or Integrated Masters).

In order to qualify for the Academic Excellence Scheme 2018/19, the following criteria will apply:

  • You must be ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom or the European Union
  • Your application must be for study on our UK campus in Aberystwyth
  • Your application must be submitted via UCAS and by no later than the 15 January 2018
  • You must have a minimum of five GCSEs at Grade A or Grade 8 or above and satisfy any GCSE pre-requisites required for the course you are applying for
  • You must be predicted at least ABB from three A levels; or at least ABB from two A levels and the Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Diploma, which includes the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate; or at least DDD from a BTEC Diploma; or at least 32 points in the International Baccalaureate
  • Where specific subjects are required for entry to your degree, you must also be studying these subjects, for example, Biology A level for a Biology degree

The Academic Excellence Scheme 2018/19 is only available to full-time undergraduates who submit an application for entry in September 2018, and will not be available to applicants who wish to defer their entry. The Scheme will not be available to students who apply after the 15 January 2018.

We are unable to make Academic Excellence Scheme offers to students with qualifications different to those detailed above.

If you are not selected to receive an Academic Excellence Scheme offer, we are still very keen for you to come to Aberystwyth. Our Admissions tutors carefully consider every application and our standard offers reflect the particular circumstances and the subject requirements of your chosen course as detailed in our prospectus.

How the Academic Excellence Scheme works:
If you satisfy the criteria, we will make you a conditional offer in the first instance. If you put Aberystwyth University as your "firm choice" on your UCAS Track by the appropriate deadline*, we will then change your offer to unconditional. If at any point during the application cycle you choose to reject an offer of study, this cannot be reinstated later in the application cycle (e.g. during Clearing).
*Deadlines to reply: 2nd May 2018 if you have received all your UCAS offer decisions by 31st March 2018 or 7th June 2018 if you have received all your UCAS offer decisions by 3rd May 2018.

Academic Excellence Studentship:
We want all students to strive for the best exam results possible. The Academic Excellence Studentship has been created to embolden applicants to focus on their remaining studies at school/college. A £2,000 studentship, payable in the first year of undergraduate study, will be available to students who achieve AAA from three A levels; or D*D*D* from a BTEC Diploma; or 36 points in the International Baccalaureate. All UK and EU students are encouraged to consider sitting our Entrance Scholarship examinations. Scholarships are worth up to £2,000 per year and can be held alongside the Academic Excellence Studentship. Further information about the Entrance Scholarships can be found here.