Entrance Scholarships & Merit Awards


Please note that full details for the Entrance Scholarship competition for 2017 entry will follow soon


The Entrance Scholarship and Merit Awards competition requires you to sit two exams in two different subjects (we have 38 subjects for you to choose from).

Scholarships are worth £1,000 to £1,200 a year. All scholars are given an unconditional offer of a place at the University, and a guarantee of a place to live in a University residence throughout their time as an undergraduate student.

Students who do not receive a Scholarship, but whose performance in the exam is deserving of recognition, are offered Merit Awards. All Merit Award holders will receive £1,000 in their first year of study, together with an unconditional offer. Candidates who narrowly miss out on achieving a Scholarship or Merit Award may be given a reduced or unconditional offer on the basis of their performance in the examinations.

The exams take place in February of every year, and can either be taken at Aberystwyth, at your school or college, at the Aberystwyth University branch campus in Mauritius, at our examination centres in Poland or Bulgaria, or it may be possible to sit the examinations in other approved examination centres outside of the UK.

The Entrance Scholarship Application Form needs to be returned before 29th January 2016.

If you wish to sit the exam outside of the UK the deadline to return your application form is 15th January 2016.

2016 Examination Dates:
Tuesday 09 February 2016
Wednesday 10 February 2016
Thursday 11 February 2016

If you are deferring your application to 2017, you can sit the exams in 2016 (and defer any award you receive) or in February 2017.

It's a good idea to look at our past Entrance Scholarship Exam Papers to get a feel for the type and level of questions likely to be asked.

Full regulations for the Entrance Scholarship and Merit Award competition can be viewed in the Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards brochure.

Entrance Scholarship Application Forms

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