Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Question: Do you have to come from Wales to attend the University?

Answer: We have a special mission to students from Wales but we warmly welcome students from all Over the United Kingdom, and beyond. The majority of our students are in fact from England, with high numbers from the west midlands, South West England and the south east.

Question: Aberystwyth is a long way from everywhere isn't it?

Answer: We can't deny that Aberystwyth is located where it is, by the beautiful shores of Cardigan Bay. We're only 80 miles from Hereford or Shrewsbury or Swansea. We have a frequent rail service east to Shrewsbury, which connects with the rest of the UK. London is less than 5 hours away by train. Birmingham less than 3 hours. Our University has the advantage, because of our location, of having students staying around campus after 5pm everyday and most weekends and so making it a busy, lively place to be right throughout the academic year. We are proud of our superb environment - it's great for outdoor activities and superb for well as water sports of all kinds. You won't find this the case at many city-based universities.

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Question: How many students are there in Aberystwyth?

Answer: We have over 7,500 students distributed across three main faculties - arts, social science and the sciences.

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