External Contacts

The Vice-Chancellor's Office deals with many different external companies that we liaise with not only to improve the way in which the University is run but to also strengthen business relationships and contacts. Below are the websites for some of our main contacts that may be of interest to you:

Aberystwyth Bangor Strategic Alliance

The Aberystwyth and Bangor Strategic Alliance is a collaborative project with a strive for excellence within the two Universities by reaching their strategic goals. Here you will find more information about the history of the alliance, what the plans and their strategic goals are and any current updates and events that are taking place.

Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol

Coleg Cymrage Cenedlaethol works with Welsh universities to help promote and develop the opportunities for teaching through the medium of Welsh. The Coleg emphasises the importance on Welsh Language, Culture and Scholarship and aims to achieve targets on increasing the numbers of students learning through the Welsh language by funding Welsh medium lecturers and offering undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for students to study higher education courses through the medium of Welsh.


Higher Education Funding Council for Wales is a private body, independent of Government that is offered through the Higher Education institutions across Wales in order to establish, develop and sustain excellent higher education across Wales to benefit, not only the individuals, but also society and the economy. Their main role is to act as an intermediary between the Higher Education sector and the Welsh Government.


HESA stands for the Higher Education Statistics Agency who are responsible for collecting, analysing and storing data for Higher Education Institutions.  This includes anything from student and staff data, destinations data, finance data or estates data. This information can either be published for academic and commercial research or and be used for funding and regulation. It is an important part of the advancement of UK higher institutions as it can draw up conclusions on where institutions need to work on in order to reach full potential.


The Quality Assurance Agency is responsible for monitoring and advising quality in UK higher education to ensure that students are getting the best possible education to achieve educational experience that they are entitled to expect. They are able to publish reports and statistics on the quality of higher education institutions, so it is important that Universities are always working on the quality of the educational service they provide.


'At the heart of connecting people to Higher Education' UCAS is the organisation that prospective students go through in order to apply for University or College. It stands for Universities and College Admission Service and provides individuals with the advice and support for applying for higher education and takes them though the processes step by step. If you are a prospective student then you can apply for University through UCAS. 

Universities UK 

Primarily responsible for Universities around the United Kingdom, Universities UK is 'the definitive voice for Universities in the UK'. They are able to provide quality support and leadership to its members who are able to meet occasionally to discuss the future of higher education within the UK. Reports, speeches and briefings are often published onto the site regarding funding, health, international issues, research and many more higher education branches. 

Universities Wales

Universities Wales represents the interests of Welsh Universities and is a national council of Universities UK. They allow members the opportunity to meet up regularly to put forward actions and plans that would be in the best interest for Higher Education in the Welsh sector.