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Cattin, Philippe & Jain, Subhash C (nd) 'Content Analysis of Children’s Commercials' (A Review) [link added 14/10/97]

Eaton, Carol B & Joseph R Dominick (nd) 'Product-Related Programming and Children’s TV - A Content Analysis' (A Review) [link added 14/10/97]

Griffiths, Merris (nd) 'The Effect of Television Day Part on Gender Portrayals in Television Commercials: A Content Analysis: Craig, R. Stephen (A Review) '[link added 14/10/97]

Griffiths, Merris and Chandler, Daniel (nd) 'Gendered Editing and Camerawork Techniques in Advertisements for Children’s Toys on British Television' [link added 2/9/98]

Jones, Adam (1992) 'The Globe and Males: An Analysis of Gender Issues in Canada’s National Newspaper' [link added 15/4/99]

Kim, Joohoan (nd) 'Killing and Dying in the Newspapers - A Content Analysis'

Miller, Mark and Bonnie P Riechert (nd) 'Identifying Themes via Concept Mapping: A New Method of Content Analysis' [link added 15/4/99]

Smith, Lois J (1994) 'A Content Analysis of Gender Differences in Children’s Advertising' (A Review)

Stossel, Scott (1997) 'The Man Who Counts the Killings (a profile of George Gerbner) (Atlantic Monthly)' [link added 13/5/98]

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Content Analysis: Resources for Making Child's Play of Sophisticated Content Analyses (Georgia State University) [link added 8/12/98]

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