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Dellinger, Brett (nd) 'Critical Discourse Analysis of Media Texts'

Dellinger, Brett (nd) 'The Structural Constraint of "Concision" as it is Used in the Discourse Style of American Commercial Broadcasting'

Lemke, Jay L (nd) 'Analysing Verbal Data: Principles, Methods, and Problems' [link added 23/5/00]

Lemke, Jay L (nd) 'Resources for Attitudinal Meaning: Evaluative Orientations in Text Semantics' [link added 23/5/00]

Lemke, Jay L (nd) 'Typological and Topological Meaning in Diagnostic Discourse' [link added 23/5/00]

van Dijk, Teun (nd) 'Critical Discourse Analysis' [link added 14/4/00]

van Dijk, Teun (nd) 'From Text Grammar to Critical Discourse Analysis' [link added 18/6/98]

van Dijk, Teun (nd) 'New(s) Racism: A Discourse Analytical Approach' [link added 14/4/00]

van Dijk, Teun (nd) 'Opinions And Ideologies In Editorials' [link added 14/4/00]

Recommended Reading

Bell, Allan & Peter Garrett (1997): Approaches to Media Discourse. Oxford: Blackwell

Fairclough, Norman (1995): Media Discourse. London: Edward Arnold

van Dijk, Teun A (1990): News as Discourse. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum

Other links

'Bibliography of Discourse Analysis of News in the Media': Teun A van Dijk [link added 14/4/00]

'Bibliography of Resources for Discourse Analysis Methods': Jay L Lemke [link added 23/5/00]

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