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Chatfield, Carl S (1995) 'The Authorís Voice and the Readerís Role: An Analysis of Rhetorical Issues in How-to Texts' [link added 4/2/98]

Formaro, Tom (nd) 'Argumentation on the Web: Challenging Traditional Notions of Communication' [link added 4/5/98]

Juby, Dianne L (nd) 'Rhetoric in the Age of the World-Wide Web' [link added 21/5/98]

McQuarrie, Edward F & David Glen Mick (1992) 'On Resonance: A Critical Pluralistic Inquiry into Advertising Rhetoric'

McQuarrie, Edward F & David Glen Mick (1995) 'Figures of Rhetoric in Advertising Language'

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Fragments: Rhetorical Resources: Michael Calvin McGee [link added 4/5/98]

PRE/TEXT: A Journal of Rhetorical Theory [link added 4/5/98]

RhetNet: A Dialogic Publishing (Ad)Venture [link added 4/5/98]

'The Rhetoric of Gay Liberation: An Interdisciplinary, Annotated Bibliography for Communication Studies': Daniel Ross Chandler (Details of ERIC document) [link added 30/5/00]

Rhetorical Info [link added 29/1/02]

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