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Andrews, Jim (1995) 'McLuhan Reconsidered' [link added 07/01/2001] (1275 hits)

Andrews, Jim (nd) 'Reading McLuhan' [link added 07/06/1999] (2339 hits)

Chandler, Daniel (1995) 'Biases of the Ear and Eye - Great Divide Theories, Phonocentrism, Graphocentrism & Logocentrism' [link added 07/01/2001] (6902 hits)

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Hempell, Anthony (1996) 'The Resonating Interval' [link added 01/07/2004] (485 hits)

Jones, Nicholas (2004) 'Marshall Mcluhan?s Global Village and its Relevance in Today?s Society' [link added 11/01/2005] (975 hits)

Munday, Roderick (2003) 'Marshall McLuhan declared that "the medium is the message." What did he mean and does this notion have any value?' [link added 07/03/2003] (1542 hits)

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Willett, Gilles (nd) 'Global Communication: A Modern Myth?' [link added 07/01/2000] (2803 hits)

Recommended Reading

Carey, James W (1989) : Communication as Culture.. Boston, MA: Unwin Hyman

Gordon, Terrence W (1997) : McLuhan for Beginners.. London: Writers and Readers

Groswiler, Paul (1998) : Method is the Message: Rethinking McLuhan Through Critical Theory.. Montreal: Black Rose

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McLuhan, Marshall & Quentin Fiore (1967) : The Medium is the Massage.. New York: Bantam

Stevenson, Nick (1995) : Understanding Media Cultures: Social Theory and Mass Communication.. London: Sage

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