Hedgehog Friendly Campus

In 2020, hedgehogs were added to the Red List of UK mammals as vulnerable. Since 2000, the hedgehog population in the UK is estimated to have halved, with fewer than 1 million left in the wild. This represents a drop of 20% in urban areas, and a drop of 50% in rural areas.

To help prevent further losses and do our part, Aberystwyth University is working towards becoming a Hedgehog Friendly Campus. This scheme, funded by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, aims to raise awareness of hedgehogs and to help them to thrive on university land.

We’re currently working towards bronze accreditation. Alongside our activities to improve the biodiversity of the university estate, the university has undertaken a range of activities with a focus on helping hedgehogs on campus.

This blog will be updated to reflect our progress towards the certificate, and planned events.


February: An internal biodiversity working group was formed to explore the current status of hedgehogs across our estate, and what steps we could take to improve them.

April: Following correspondence with the Hedgehog Friendly Campus campaign, we applied stickers to machinery, reminding the Grounds team about what they should do if they come across injured hedgehogs.

July: The Grounds team undertook training provided by the Hedgehog Friendly Campus team for what to do if they find an injured hedgehog.

August: The Grounds team participated in a Hedgehog Society workshop on constructing survey stations so we can record hedgehog activities and log the sightings online.

September: The Grounds Team conducted multiple hedgehog surveys across campus, using the stations built in the hedgehog society workshop. Cat and mouse prints were recorded but no hedgehogs at this point.

October: Leaflets from the Headhog Freindly Campus were put out for students and staff. These were put out within the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences (FELS).

November: As part of the redesign of the Grounds part of the university website, a page has been created introducing the Hedgehog Friendly Campus awards, and our ambitions.

December: A collection pot to raise funds for the Hedgehog Preservation Society has been put out in Sports Centre

January 2021: A Hedgehog friendly Campus online launch event, outlining our efforts to the wider university and the way ahead.


If you want to find out more about our activities, or want to help out, please contact njw11@aber.ac.uk