Welcome to the Aberystwyth University Policies website

This web site is a work in progress.  Under the banner of the University's Strategic Alliance with Bangor University, we are working together on further developing the Aberystwyth Policy Library in order to provide a centralised online system for University policies and procedures at both institutions.  This work is being overseen by a Project Group. 

The goals of the policy project are to:

  • standardise policy format;
  • eliminate out-of-date and duplicate information;
  • improve organisation, accessibility, search, and navigation; and
  • clarify processes for submitting new policies and revising existing policies.

The project will provide individuals responsible for preparing, disseminating and implementing policies with:

  • a clear definition as to what is meant by policy and procedure;
  • a standard and flexible format to ensure consistency in formulating policies and procedures and a corporate format;
  • clarity regarding ownership, approval and review procedures; and
  • advice on drafting policies which will be unambiguous and readily understood

An online centralised repository for institutional policies, procedures and associated metadata will:

  • facilitate easy access to key documents for staff and students;
  • ensure version control;
  • facilitate monitoring and review of key documents;
  • be a tool for quality assurance – institutional approval and legislative compliance;
  • assist with internal and external auditing requirements e.g. the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW);
  • be a key benefit for Freedom of Information compliance; and
  • allow a match with the policy register already established at Bangor University

The Common Policy on Writing and Approval of University Policies and Procedures and the online centralised system adopted by Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities is a resource:

  • to explain the policy on formulating and approving University policies and procedures
  • to provide an overview of the documentation required
  • which includes a policy and procedure template to ensure that all policy components are recorded in a consistent manner

Mission of the Strategic Alliance

The mission of the Aberystwyth-Bangor Strategic Alliance is to continually develop the strong and close working partnership between the two institutions which enables us to operate more effectively and efficiently than as entirely separate institutions, and supports our drive to be internationally excellent in specified areas of activity.