Our Students Return from Study Visit to China

30 June 2014

SMB staff members Dr Yizhe Dong and Mrs Dandan Wu, Aberystwyth University, led the students on a two week study trip to the Southwest University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) in Chengdu, China from 2nd June until 14th June 2014. 

SWUFE is one of China’s most distinguished centres for the study of economics and management and as the Chinese government seeks to move economic development inland, cities like Chengdu are experiencing rapid growth.  SMB and SWUFE have established a strong relationship with student exchanges and are developing joint research programme on finance and economics.

Ten Chinese students from Southwest University of Finance and Economics were selected as ambassadors and coordinators for the programme. They were paired up with Aberystwyth’s students to create a rich learning environment for all students involved. In the two weeks the SMB students received lectures from SWUFE staff and visited Chinese financial institutions.  They also took part in Chinese language lessons, traditional Chinese craft lessons and various trips and excursions, including a visit to the region’s most famous inhabitants, the giant pandas.

All of the students had very positive comments and feedback about the visit.

Conor Taylor, a 2nd year Aberystwyth University student studying Accounting and Finance with Maths said: “I found learning about the operations of a Chinese bank to be a particularly insightful experience and learning about traditional Chinese Culture, especially the Sichuan Opera”.

His colleague Beth Griffiths, a 2nd year Aberystwyth University student studying Accounting and Finance / Economics (joint honours) said “I enjoyed learning about the culture of Chengdu and how it differs from ours. Also meeting all the SWUFE students”

Steven McGuire, Director of SMB, said: ‘I am delighted that our students had this opportunity.  SWUFE has been an excellent host and partner, and we very much hope that we will build on this relationship.’  He added, ‘this trip was also made possible by generous donations to SMB over the years, for which I am very grateful.’