‘Business in the Bay’ tests core workplace skills

24 November 2015

Final year students from the School of Management and Business were selected to take part in Swansea University's 2-day Business in the Bay Competition as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Students were faced with a series of inventive challenges designed to test their business skills including ‘Communication’ where the team were required to put up a tent in 30 minutes while blindfolded. Other skills tested were teamwork, problem solving, organisation and creative thinking.

Those who took part were Accounting and Finance students Hannah Alexander, Emma Chester and Ffion Clarke, Magdalena Jaworska who studies Economics with Management, and James Owen who studies Economics.

Megan Williams, Senior Lecturer in Accounting, who accompanied the students said,

“Opportunities such as ‘Business in the Bay’ are an essential part of the learning experience at Aberystwyth University School of Management and Business. It is important that our students are able to develop key business skills such as teamwork and problem solving as part of their degree and more informally in competitions like ‘Business in the Bay’ so that they graduate with a holistic set of skills demanded by the best employers.”