Semester 1

  • AB27120
    Rheolaeth Marchnata / Marketing Management+
    The overall success of an organization is dependent on the relationship established between marketing management and strategy. It is essential for marketing to inform strategy, and for the organization to maintain an operational focus on market needs. This module develops an understanding of the manner in which the commercial focus of an organization is informed and directed by marketing management.
  • AB25420
    Rheolaeth Adnoddau Dynol / Human Resource Management*
    This module examines the key concepts of Human Resource Management that are used to lead, motivate, manage and remunerate people in contemporary organizations.

Semester 2

  • AB25120
    Gweithrediadau a Rheoli'r Gadwyn Cyflenwi / Operations and Supply Chain Management+
    This module provides an introduction to a range of topics under the general heading of operations and supply chain management. The module develops an understanding of the application of relevant operations and supply chain concepts/techniques to manage operations and supply chains efficiently and effectively, and resolve business problems.
  • AB25220
    Entreprenwriaeth a Chreu Menter Newydd / Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation+
    This module examines the theoretical and practical elements of entrepreneurship and establishing and running a new venture. There is coverage of the economic, social and psychological approaches to the theory of entrepreneurship, and the role of the entrepreneur in developing innovation. The module examines the identification of new business opportunities,  starting, managing and marketing a new venture, writing a business plan, and raising finance.
  • AB25320
    Research Methods
    This module covers research skills and provides an in-depth study of business-related research methods. The module emphasises the importance of an objective approach to research. The module also introduces the practice of research, including ethics and methodology, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative research methods.


Semester 1

  • AB35120
    Digital Business, Leadership and Management
    This module develops an understanding of the development of strategy, and illustrate the importance of business strategy to the company itself, to various stakeholders and to the wider business community. The module examines the many, often conflicting, approaches to business strategy; explores how strategy functions within the wider internal and external business environment; and provides the skills and knowledge required to take effective and well-informed strategic decisions, lead change, and create and sustain competitive advantage.

  • AB35220
    Arweinyddiaeth Strategol / Strategic Leadership+

    This module provides the facilitating knowledge to effectively examine digital business strategy, and identify the opportunities and threats of effective implementation.


  • AB35320
    Global Logistics
    This module introduces and explores the crucially important subject of global logistics, in particular, the role of containerization and maritime logistics. The effects of containerization on world trade due to the dramatic reduction in transport costs and opportunities thus afforded to businesses are hard to over-estimate and yet remain unknown to most students of business. A working knowledge of logistics is vital to a proper understanding of business, particularly at the international level.


  • MM38020
    Sgiliau Cyflogadwyedd ar gyfer Gweithwyr Proffesiynol / Employability Skills for Professionals+

Semester 2

  • AB31720
    Financial Strategy
    The module is concerned with the role of financial strategy in the investing, financing and resource-allocation decisions within an organization. Formulation of financial strategy is a complex process involving aspects of financial decision making, investment appraisal, assessing risk and return, and identifying sources of funding. The module provides an understanding of the way in which financial strategy can add value to the overall corporate strategy used by an organization. Relevant theories of corporate finance are addressed, and there is coverage of topics such as the valuation of businesses, and mergers, acquisitions and takeovers.
  • AB35420
    Seicoleg Sefydliadol / Organizational Psychology+
    This module examines the key concepts of Organizational Psychology that are relevant to the design of organisational structure and the leadership and management of people in contemporary organizations.

Semesters 1 & 2

  • AB35540
    Traethawd Hir / DissertationX
    This module consolidates business management, marketing, economics, business finance and tourism management skills in the framework of an in-depth study of a topic selected by the student under the guidance of members of academic staff. Support is provided through lectures on research techniques, project management, managerial implications, workshops, seminars and supervision.


* Module is available with Welsh-medium lectures and tutorials.

+ Module is available with English-medium lectures supported by Welsh-medium tutorials.

X Option is available for Welsh-medium supervision and submission.

International English Centre (IEC) options are available to international students only.