Semester 1      

  • AB27120
    Rheolaeth Marchnata / Marketing Management+
    The overall success of an organization is dependent on the relationship established between marketing management and strategy. It is essential for marketing to inform strategy, and for the organization to maintain an operational focus on market needs. This module develops an understanding of the manner in which the commercial focus of an organization is informed and directed by marketing management.
  • AB27420
    Applied Brand Management
    This module covers the theory and application of branding. Strategic brand building and maintenance is important for equity purposes and the module explores, develops and applies core theories, frameworks, and concepts to this important part of strategic marketing.
  • AB27520
    Marketing: Relationships and Customer Experience
    This module explores and develops an understanding of business relationships with consumers, value creation, marketing networks and systems. The module examines the various ways in which these elements inter-relate in order to create a customer experience.

Semester 2   

  • AB27220
    Consumer and Buyer Behaviour
    Consumer and buyer behaviour focuses on how consumers and business consumers make decisions on consumption related items. That includes the psychological understanding of what they buy, why they buy it, where they buy it, how often they buy it and how often they use it.
  • AB27320
    Global Marketing
    This module explores and analyses how marketing has evolved during globalisation, and the responses that marketers have delivered as a result of the unique opportunities and threats of this paradigm shift.
  • AB25320
    Research Methods
    This module covers research skills and provides an in-depth study of business-related research methods. The module emphasises the importance of an objective approach to research. The module also introduces the practice of research, including ethics and methodology, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative research methods.


Semester 1          

  • AB35120
    Arweinyddiaeth Strategol / Strategic Leadership+
    This module provides the facilitating knowledge to effectively examine digital business strategy, and identify the opportunities and threats of effective implementation.
  • AB37120
    Digital Marketing
    This module develops an understanding of the range of communications concepts, tools and practices required by organizations to market their products/services effectively. The module covers a range of communications processes and contemporary marketing communications.

Semester 2      

  • AB37220
    Marketing and Digital Marketing Communications
  • AB39220
    Tourism Marketing
    This module details, through case studies, how marketing principles are applied within the tourism industry. It considers different elements of marketing such as segmentation, marketing research, the marketing mix and electronic marketing and through a range of detailed case studies evaluates how they are applied in practice.  Examples of success and failure illustrate the importance of understanding the market, customers and of developing the right products and services to meet customer needs.  The module is delivered through interactive discursive lectures based around case study material. There are two visits to tourism destinations or attractions to illustrate practice in the field and to provide an opportunity to talk to professionals involved in tourism marketing.


  • MM38020
    Sgiliau Cyflogadwyedd ar gyfer Gweithwyr Proffesiynol  / Employability Skills for Professionals+

Semesters 1 & 2      

  • AB35540
    Traethawd Hir / DissertationX
    This module consolidates business management, marketing, economics, business finance and tourism management skills in the framework of an in-depth study of a topic selected by the student under the guidance of members of academic staff. Support is provided through lectures on research techniques, project management, managerial implications, workshops, seminars and supervision.


* Module is available with Welsh-medium lectures and tutorials.

+ Module is available with English-medium lectures supported by Welsh-medium tutorials.

X Option is available for Welsh-medium supervision and submission. 

International English Centre (IEC) options are available to international students only.