Semester 1   

  • AB29120
    Destination and Attraction Management
    Destination sits at the heart of the tourism system. For consumers destination is a major influence on the travel decision, shaping expectations and satisfaction. For producers, the destination is the context in which the tourism service-product is assembled and delivered. Attractions play a critical role in the development and sustainability of tourist destinations. This module examines the nature of the destination and the sources of its competitiveness and the role of destination management organizations and marketing through the use of destination images. The module also examines the development, marketing and management of visitor attractions.
  • AB29220
    Adventure Tourism (approved ABS/IEC option)
    This module examines the growth in adventure tourism and how it is situated within contemporary rural locations. It includes an appreciation of the history of adventure, adventurous leisure practice and relationships to environment and landscape, and explain consumer motivations and models of adventure. The module shows how adventure tourism has been used within destinations to broaden the tourist product.  Theories and issues associated with adventure tourism are illustrated using case study material and issues important to the management of adventure tourism activities in a commercial setting are identified.

Semester 2     

  • AB29320
    International Tourism in Practice
    Tourism development brings a range of challenges and impacts that may be observed first hand. This module combines a discussion of international tourism development with a visit to a tourism destination. The module provides detailed knowledge of tourism in a specific destination. The module examines the impacts, challenges and constraints associated with the development of mass tourism in a specific destination area, and evaluates tourism policy, with particular relevance to the promotion of alternative tourism.
  • AB25320
    Research Methods (approved ABS option)
    This module covers research skills and provides an in-depth study of business-related research methods. The module emphasises the importance of an objective approach to research. The module also introduces the practice of research, including ethics and methodology, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative research methods.


Semester 1  

  • AB39120
    Sustainable Tourism (approved ABS option)
    Designing and implementing effective management strategies and policies for sustainable tourism requires a sound knowledge of the concept of sustainable development and how it applies to the context of tourism. This module identifies the core principles of sustainable development and examines how they can be put into practice with the aim of making various tourism types and destinations more sustainable. This involves an in-depth evaluation of good practice on the part of the tourism industry, governments and host communities, non-government organizations and tourists. Environmental, economic and cultural aspects of sustainability are considered. Two field visits are used to demonstrate examples of sustainable tourism in action.

Semester 2      

  • AB39220
    Tourism Marketing
    This module details, through case studies, how marketing principles are applied within the tourism industry. It considers different elements of marketing such as segmentation, marketing research, the marketing mix and electronic marketing and through a range of detailed case studies evaluates how they are applied in practice.  Examples of success and failure illustrate the importance of understanding the market, customers and of developing the right products and services to meet customer needs.  The module is delivered through interactive discursive lectures based around case study material. There are two visits to tourism destinations or attractions to illustrate practice in the field and to provide an opportunity to talk to professionals involved in tourism marketing.
  • AB39320
    Tourism Development and Planning
    For professionals engaged in the tourism and recreation industries, decision making at local and larger spatial scales takes place against a background of strategic planning. This module examines the concept of international development. The module critically examines tourism’s contribution to development goals and objectives. The module covers the components of strategic planning, and the techniques and tools available to the tourism planner.

Semesters 1 & 2    

  • AB35540
    Traethawd Hir / DissertationX
    This module consolidates business management, marketing, economics, business finance and tourism management skills in the framework of an in-depth study of a topic selected by the student under the guidance of members of academic staff. Support is provided through lectures on research techniques, project management, managerial implications, workshops, seminars and supervision.


* Module is available with Welsh-medium lectures and tutorials.

X Option is available for Welsh-medium supervision and submission. 

International English Centre (IEC) options are available to international students only.