Student Guide on Resitting Examinations Overseas



Where practical, the University will consider requests from students undertaking Aberystwyth University modules leading to an Aberystwyth University qualification who are resitting as external candidates, or have resit examinations in August, to be permitted to resit examinations away from the University at an overseas institution (please note that students who choose to holiday abroad or take vacation work elsewhere will NOT be eligible).  All requests to sit examinations outside Aberystwyth University must be submitted using the Request Form and sent to the University’s Academic Registry (Student Administration) by the given deadline.  Resits for modules undertaken as part of an Erasmus or Exchange programme will be arranged directly by the student's home department and not by the Academic Registry.

Before completing the Request Form students should note the following:

  1. The resit examination being sat outside Aberystwyth MUST be taken at the same time as, or overlap with, the examination being held at Aberystwyth University.  If the time difference prevents this, you are advised to make arrangements to return to Aberystwyth.
  2. The resit examination must be arranged at a suitable examination venue, namely British Council offices or in exceptional circumstances, where the British Council cannot host an examination, you may nominate an alternative location such as a university.  If a suitable examination venue cannot be located, you are advised to make arrangements to return to Aberystwyth.  You can obtain information on British Council university examination venues at  Use the drop down list titled “Where can I sit an exam” to choose your country of choice.
  3. Students wishing to sit examinations outside Aberystwyth University should complete the form titled “Request Form to Resit an Examination Overseas” and return it to the Academic Registry by the appropriate deadline noted below.  Requests to sit examinations outside Aberystwyth University will not be considered if submitted after this deadline has passed.  Students should also formally register for resits via their Student Record (  Please see for further information.
  4. Academic Registry will forward requests to the relevant Academic Department for preliminary approval, but final approval will rest with the Academic Registry which is responsible for administering this process.  It will do its utmost to try and accommodate your request, but it is unable to arrive at a satisfactory arrangement then you must return to Aberystwyth to sit your examinations. 
  5. Academic Registry can only make suitable arrangements for written examinations.  Any other forms of assessment, such as practical or on-line examinations, will need to be taken at Aberystwyth University.  Please check with your Academic Department which assessments you need to complete for each module you are resitting prior to completing your Request Form.
  6. Please note in exceptional circumstances it may be possible to resit examinations outside Aberystwyth other than during the August Resit period.  Note that you must submit a fresh application should you need to resit an examination in a different examination period – applications cannot be carried over. 
  7. Students should list any current individual examination requirements so we can discuss these with the external venue, eg. extra time, use of a computer.  Students should note, however, that we cannot make any guarantees that the venue will be in a position to offer these.
  8. There is a financial charge for this service which the student will be responsible for paying (see below for further information).
  9. Academic Registry will be responsible for advising students whether their request has been successful.  Please ensure you check your e-mail regularly for information from the University or British Council and respond immediately if information is requested – delays could result in arrangements being cancelled and you having to return to Aberystwyth to sit your resit examinations.
  10. Although we will endeavour to offer our support and advice where possible,
  • Aberystwyth University has no control or responsibility for any external examination venues, and cannot be held responsible if expected arrangements are changed or cancelled at your chosen venue, and;
  • Aberystwyth cannot be responsible for unforeseen circumstances resulting in the rescheduling of examinations at Aberystwyth, which could prevent rescheduling resits abroad.  

In these circumstances, students would need to return to Aberystwyth to resit the examinations.  In exceptional cases, where changes in arrangements occur at very short notice, thereby resulting in you being unable to return to Aberystwyth in good time, the University may be in a position to consider alternative arrangements.

Completion of Request Form

Students are advised to make an application by the following deadlines:


Deadline for the Request Form to be submitted

For August Resit Examinations:

15 - 26 August 2022

Thursday 7 July 2022



Please note that any applications received after these deadlines will not be considered further.  Please complete the Request Form fully as forms will be returned if any requested information is missing.

Information about Fees

Those students permitted to sit their resit examination outside Aberystwyth University will be required to pay an administrative fee of £120 to Aberystwyth University.  You will be contacted by our University Finance Office nearer the time of the resit examinations and they will inform you how you can make this payment.  Students will also be liable for any costs incurred by the overseas examination centre.  These fees will cover such things as: registration fees; a “no show” fee if you fail to attend the examination; storage of examination papers; invigilation costs; off-site exam hall hire; photocopying and postage of paperwork, etc.

Aberystwyth University will charge a cancellation fee if students cancel the arrangements less than 2 weeks before the start of the examination period or fail to attend the examinations as outlined below.  It is important you advise us should you decide to cancel your resit – we need to know so we can inform the overseas examination centre.  Please e-mail to cancel the resit against your student record as well as to advise that arrangements at the overseas examination centre can also be cancelled.


Cancellation Fee

Cancelling arrangements less than 10 working days before the start of the exam period


Cancelling arrangements during the exam period or failing to attend the exam



If you have read all the information provided and wish to request to resit examinations outside Aberystwyth University, please complete the Request Form and return it to Academic Registry (Student Administration) or e-mail it to by the appropriate deadline noted above.


Request Form to Resit an Examination Overseas