8. Careers Advice

The Careers Service is available to all present and former students of the University. Careers Consultants provide information, advice and guidance on all kinds of job opportunities and courses of study or training, and work with students to support and empower them in developing self-awareness, motivation and a positive attitude and to help them understand the range of skills, experiences, abilities and expertise that they have gained and how those relate to the world of work. Careers Education sessions are delivered across all academic departments of the University and some are embedded into core modules, thus attendance on these is compulsory. Further contact with the Service is voluntary but all students are strongly encouraged to use its facilities and services from year one of their programmes, as they are designed entirely for their benefit. However, bearing this entitlement in mind, students and graduates are responsible for making their own career related decisions and for the direction and course of action they choose to follow. Careers guidance is given to students on the understanding that neither the University nor any member of its staff shall be liable for the consequences of any decisions made by a student or graduate on the basis of information, advice or guidance received from the Careers Service.