22. Statement on Confidentiality

22.1 The confidential nature of information provided by students will be respected by the University.

22.2 Confidential information will only be shared in accordance with the Procedure on confidentiality and sharing of student information which can be found here: Confidentiality and Sharing of Student Information. Aside from particular circumstances set out in the above document, staff will respect the confidentiality of the student and restrict any information to as few relevant individuals as possible. Any student wishing to further restrict the sharing of such information should clearly make his or her wishes known to the appropriate members of staff at the earliest opportunity. However, students should also be aware of any consequences that may result from non-disclosure of relevant information. Normally such wishes will be respected unless to do so would be prejudicial to the best interests of the University community or the safety or security of any person. If, following a request by a student, relevant information is withheld from an individual or University body (for example an examination board) it will not normally be admissible during any later appeal against the original decision of that individual body.

22.3 Subject to any specific restrictions on, or exceptions to, the duty of confidentiality imposed or recognised by the law, confidential information will normally be disclosed to an outside agency or person only with the consent of the student to whom the information relates. In exceptional or emergency situations there may be a need to release information, for example to external medical staff, if this is deemed to be in the best interests of the student.