Late Registration

It is your responsibility to ensure you register with the University, details of arrangements can be found on the Postgraduate Registration September 2021 page.

However, if you will be unable to register by 5pm on Wednesday 29 September you must inform the Student Administration Office. You can email or phone (01970) 622354 or 628515.   NOTE:  The University does not give permission for late registration; students are required to be in attendance according to the Dates of Term.

If you will be living in University accommodation and will be late returning to University you must inform the Accommodation Office.  You can write, email or phone (01970) 622984.  If you have not given prior notice of your late return your place may be released to another student.

If you fail to complete registration by 5pm Wednesday 29 September, you will have to contact your academic department(s) where staff will advise you on your module choices.  Once you have chosen the required number of credits for your scheme you will then need to complete registration on-line from your Student Record on the web.

Failure to complete registration by Wednesday 6 October has a number of implications:

  • You may not be allowed to register for the forthcoming year.
  • If you have not completed registration by 5 pm on Wednesday your access to Information Services facilities - computing and library – will be withdrawn. This is irrespective of whether you have informed the University you intend to register late.  Your access will not be reinstated until you have completed registration.
  •  You should note that you will not receive payment of your loan or bursary until you have completed registration fully.