E-Learning Strategy 2005-2009

Please note that this page is a subsection of the full document E-Learning Strategy 2005-2009. The document is also available to download in its entirety: E-Learning Strategy (PDF).

1.0 Context

1.1  UWA's mission and vision for learning and teaching is clearly articulated in The Strategy for Learning and Teaching 2004-2009. Building on the achievements of the first five year strategy it updates strategic aims for learning and teaching and identifies a raft of supporting action lines designed to maintain excellence and promote innovation in an ever changing academic environment. One of the ways identified in the Strategy in which UWA intends to improve the learning and teaching infrastructure is to:
‘Promote and facilitate the appropriate use of information and communications technology (ICT) as a means of improving access to learning and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the learning and teaching experience.

  • Develop an institutional e-learning policy and strategy
  • Provide local and remote access to suitable digital content, web-based learning materials, software products and virtual learning environments
  • Strengthen mechanisms and, if possible, increase resources to support staff and students in their use of e-learning resources, technology based techniques and online tools'

(Aim 2.3 Learning and Teaching Strategy 2004 - 2009)

Although e-learning has already been widely adopted at UWA and will in a matter of time cease to require separate attention, the next stage of development and growth needs to be more consciously planned if the distinctive benefits that advances in technology can bring are to be made generally available. UWA recognises that if it wishes to make the transition to a situation in which e-learning is embedded in the University's normal academic activities for both campus-based students and those studying at a distance then it must provide strategic leadership and appropriate central provision. This document consequently seeks to provide a strategic framework within which UWA can ensure the highest standards of provision and that the uptake of e-learning is consistent with the overall aims and objectives of the Learning and Teaching Strategy. For the purpose of this document e-learning is taken to mean any systematic use of new technologies to support, enhance or deliver learning and teaching.