E-Learning Strategy 2005-2009

Please note that this page is a subsection of the full document E-Learning Strategy 2005-2009. The document is also available to download in its entirety: E-Learning Strategy (PDF).

3.0 Guiding Principles

3.1  In formulating this e-learning strategy the following assumptions have been made about the most appropriate approach for AU:

  • that our preference is for a richly varied learning environment in which students based on and off campus will have equality of access to a choice of learning styles, offering a blend of both traditional and new methods of learning and academic enquiry
  • that the e-learning strategy will be driven by pedagogic considerations rather than technical issues, with the overriding consideration being the desire to make the learning process more effective, engaging and accessible to students who have increasingly diverse requirements and learning preferences
  • that the intention will be to facilitate and support e-learning as one of a variety of approaches and learning styles adopted at AU. Although e-learning is likely to have relevance for all disciplines the extent to which it is embedded in departmental teaching practices will remain a decision for the professional judgement of academic departments and their staff
  • that as an integral and increasingly indistinguishable part of a wide spectrum of learning and teaching methods, e-learning must be fully integrated into mainstream quality assurance procedures and contribute to the general objectives established in the AU Learning and Teaching Strategy