E-Learning Strategy 2005-2009

Please note that this page is a subsection of the full document E-Learning Strategy 2005-2009. The document is also available to download in its entirety: E-Learning Strategy (PDF).

6.0 Outcomes

6.1  By the end of the 2008/2009 academic year it is envisaged that:

  • e-learning will be firmly embedded in the curriculum as a means of enhancing the quality of teaching, meeting students' expectations and responding to the needs of the workplace
  • UWA will offer an attractive portfolio of taught courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels that offer students a range of choices in respect of teaching styles and modes of delivery and that make best use of new and emerging technologies
  • UWA will have investment strategies in place that ensure adequate provision for the IT infrastructure, digital resources and user support necessary to underpin use of new learning technologies
  • all students and staff to have access to the competencies, skills training and support needed to make most effective use of e-learning methods and technologies