Incident Reporting System

Aberystwyth University operates an Incident Reporting System through its Health & Safety Department. Estates, Facilities & Residences use of the system is in line with the Health & Safety Data Protection Statement.

We record data (some personal) through an Incident Report Form and use this data to investigate / record a range of issues such as: Health & Safety accidents or near misses, breaches of the Accommodation Licence Agreement. Additionally, an occurrence log is maintained within the Security control room (Penglais Campus) which contains records of basic details of all key actions / incidents 24/7/365. Any personal data is restricted to the names / location of the incident and is only used for the purpose of cross referencing with other reporting systems, such as: incident report, fault report.

Occurrence logs are filed in a locked store for a period of 12 months before being destroyed.

Electronic copies of resident related Incident Report Forms are kept on the Students’ Hall Record within the Accommodation Office’s shared drive and kept for a period of the current academic year plus 5 years.

Lawful basis: Legitimate Interest.