How to use

• Once the dishwasher is fully loaded, press On/Off button on control panel.
• Select programme.
• Shut dishwasher door.
• Press ‘Start’ button on front of door.‌

Filling the dishwasher

• For maximum cleanliness, don’t block the sprayer or overcrowd the dishes.
• Avoid nesting items by varying spoons and forks upwards and downwards. Stay safe and keep knives facing downwards.
• Hand wash any items made of wood, plastic that is not resistant to high temperatures - copper, tin, silver, cast iron and aluminium.


Filling the detergent dispenser and rinse aid

  • Only use detergents and rinse aid designed for household dishwashers.
  • Use the recommended amount of detergent – too much can leave behind a residue and too little can result in dirty dishes.
  • Rinse aid is used to prevent watermarks and scale on dishes and to increase the efficiency of the washing and drying processes. Open the rinse aid dispenser by pressing the button as shown in the diagram. Fill to the ‘max’ and press down the lid until you hear a clicking sound.


How much detergent and rinse aid to use

Type of LoadDetergent
Full dishwasher with relatively dirty dishes 25cm³ of detergent (in A)
Not quite full and only slightly soiled
15cm³ of detergent (in A)
Dried food particles stuck to dishes
25cm³ of detergent (in A) and 5cm³ of detergent (in B)



Save enegry and water by only running fully loaded dishwashers.