Cooker Hood

Cooker Hood Control Panel

A = ON/OFF Button

B = Speed selection buttons (All three speeds are set at one compliant speed).

C = Light on/off button

How to use

• Turn power on via extractor fan switch on wall.
• To start the cooker hood, press the ON/OFF button on the control panel.
• To turn the light on in the cooker hood, select the button with the light bulb icon.
• To turn the cooker hood off, press the ON/OFF button one more time.

Cleaning your cooker hood

• Before cleaning, always ensure that you have switched your cooker hood off.
• Clean your cooker hood with mild liquid detergent and a damp cloth. Never use abrasive powder, corrosive solvents or brushes.
• To clean the grease filters, remove from underside of the cooker hood and soak in hot water and washing up liquid for about an hour. Rinse them thoroughly with hot water. Repeat if required. Refit the filters once they have dried thoroughly.