Application Procedure

How do I activate my Aberystwyth University e-mail?

Information services will e-mail you from July onwards with information on how to activate your Aberystwyth University e-mail. As soon as you receive this e-mail you should activate your account. This will ensure there are no delays securing your accommodation. Once your Aberystwyth University e-mail has been activated, all correspondence will be sent to this e-mail so it is important you check it regularly.

When can I apply for accommodation?

Applications for New Undergraduate Students and New Postgraduate Students will open around the beginning of April. 

Applications for Current Students open mid-November.

Please note: these dates may vary each academic year.

How do I apply for accommodation?

Please visit our how to apply page or you can click on our how to apply logo whenever you see it.


What happens after I apply for accommodation?

To find out what happens after you’ve applied for University Accommodation, please click on the relevant: New Student or Current Student.

What is the accommodation portal?

The Accommodation Portal is an online service where you apply for and secure accommodation at Aberystwyth University, it includes;

  • The application form
  • How to accept your offer
  • The Accommodation Licence Pack
  • A deposit balance and online top-up facility.

How do I log into the accommodation portal?

Current students:

You will need your Aberystwyth Username and password.

If there is any issues, please make sure your Aberystwyth University IT account is working.

New students:

You will need your UCAS/10 digit personal ID number, your surname and your date of birth.

If there is any issues, you should ensure you don’t include and dashes or spaces in your ID number and ensure your date of birth is in the DD-MM-YYYY format.

Am I guaranteed accommodation?

You are guaranteed accommodation for your first year of study if you are a:

  • New full-time Undergraduate student
  • New postgraduate student
  • International exchange/Erasmus student
  • Student returning from a temporary withdrawal/leave of absence to recommence their first year of study

Terms and conditions apply.

When will I receive my accommodation offer?

New Undergraduate Students:

Accommodation offers will be sent on a daily basis (Monday-Friday) provided you have:

1.      Selected Aberystwyth University as your Firm University choice

2.      Applied for University Accommodation

3.      Have an unconditional offer

If you have a conditional offer, this will become unconditional when you have received your exam results provided they meet the requirements of your academic offer.

New Postgraduate Students:

We will process your accommodation application upon receipt of your completed form.

Current Students:

We will email you an offer of accommodation shortly after applications close – usually around mid-December.

Is there a deposit to pay?

Yes - the deposit is an online payment of £100 which is payable during completion of you Accommodation Licence Pack.

If you are already living in University Accommodation your existing deposit will be used*.

*If you are already holding a deposit with us then any remaining balance will be used to secure your place for the next academic year; however, if your deposit has fallen below the required £100 then you will be required to pay any shortfall.

Can I live with friends?

You can request to live with friends during completion of your Accommodation Licence Pack by completing an association form.

Please note: Although all efforts are made to ensure your association form is successful, this cannot always be guaranteed.

Requesting a room for medical/health/disability reasons

The University welcomes students with medical/health issues and disabilities and endeavours to put appropriate support in place.

Please ensure you include this information on the Disability / Health section of your accommodation application form. With your consent, we will then pass this information onto the Accessibility Team within Student Support who will assess your needs. Medical evidence will then be required. Once this has been received, they will then advise us on the most appropriate type of accommodation for you. 

The Accessibility Team can be contacted on, or 01970 621761/622087.

What is the Accommodation Licence Pack?

Once you have accepted your accommodation offer, you will be required to complete the Accommodation Licence Pack (this must be done by the deadline date).

The Accommodation Licence Pack includes:

  • The terms and conditions of your licence agreement (contained within the Residents’ Handbook).
  • Our online payment system to pay the required £100 acceptance fee and to set up a payment plan for your accommodation fees.
  • Information on living in university residences.

What if I am on holiday when my Licence Pack is sent?

Most places should have internet connection which allows you to check your e-mails regularly.

Both your licence agreement and your payment of acceptance fees must be done online.

If there are any further issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I have also secured accommodation in the private sector - what are my options?

You will have to decide what accommodation you would prefer.

If you would like to secure University accommodation but have already signed a contract with a private sector Landlord, you will need to contact the landlord to see if they can release you from your contract.

What Welsh Medium Residences are available?

We have dedicated accommodation available for students who are Welsh speakers or learners and would like to live in a Welsh speaking environment. 

For more information on your Welsh Medium Residences, please see accommodation options page.