Pre-arrival and arrival

What is provided in my accommodation, what do I need to bring?

The contents of what is provided in accommodation varies with each residence. Please look at the Accommodation Options information for specific details.

For more information on what to bring, including a printable check-list, please visit our moving in webpage.

Will I need insurance?

Personal contents insurance is included within your accommodation fee. However, it will only cover a certain amount of items.

Will I need a TV Licence?

You need to be covered by a TV Licence to watch or record live TV programmes on any channel, or download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer.

If your residence includes a TV within the kitchen then a TV Licence will already cover this. However, if you bring your own TV a separate licence will be required.

For further information, and to buy a TV Licence, please refer to our TV Licencing webpage.

What if I am bringing a car?

If you are bringing a car to university, then you will be required to have a parking permit. Information on how to get this can be found on our parking webpage.

Spaces are limited, so we advise you only bring a car if necessary. 

When can I move in?

The start and end date of your stay will be found in your Accommodation Licence Agreement and you will be able to select an arrival time and date during completion of the online induction.

Can I arrive before the start of my Accommodation Licence Agreement?

Usually, you will not be able to move in before the date specified in your Accommodation Licence Agreement. However, sometimes exceptions can be made. Please see below for further details. If you feel you need to move in early for any other reason not listed below, please contact the accommodation office.

New Students:

New students due to arrive in September may arrive early if:

  • You are confirmed to take part in pre-fresher’s activities organised by the Student’s Union.
  • You are invited to take part in the acclimatisation programme.
  • You are part of the international meet and greet service.

Current Students:

Current students due to arrive in September move in early if:

  • You are confirmed to take part in pre-fresher’s activities organised by the Student’s Union such as the A-team.
  • You are living in University Summer Accommodation – your accommodation may be available early but this is not guaranteed.

Can I arrive after the start of my Accommodation Licence Agreement?

During completion on the online induction, which forms part of the Accommodation Licence Pack you will be able to select an arrival time and date which also includes the facility to book a late arrival date, in order to ensure that your room is held for you.

How/where do I collect my key?

You will need to bring your Key Release Form with you in order to collect your key. This can be found at the end of the Online Accommodation Induction which forms part of your Accommodation Offer. The Key Release Form will include the date and time that you have booked to arrive.

Information on where to collect your room key from will be included in the online induction as part of the licence pack sent to you.

Where can I park to drop off my belongings?

You do not require a parking permit for Fresher’s Weekend and can park close to your block/hall/flat. However, we ask you only park there for a maximum of twenty minutes and then move your vehicle to a car park to avoid congestion. 

Can my parents stay?

Unfortunately, your parents, relatives, friends or whoever is bringing you to University will be unable to stay with you in your University accommodation. There are a large number of Bed & Breakfasts and Hotels in and around Aberystwyth, however these tend to get booked up quickly over the Fresher's Weekend so we would advise you to book early.