What happens if I lose my key/fob or access card (Aber Card)?

Please contact the Accommodation Office as soon as you realise you have lost your keys and we will issue you with a replacement. A standard replacement charge will be applied.

Who is responsible for cleaning – will there be inspections?

You are responsible for cleaning your room/en-suite (where applicable).

There is a joint responsibility for cleaning the communal areas such as kitchens, corridors and bathrooms in your flat/house.

For further information, please visit our cleaning webpage.

Community Visits and Bedroom Inspections will be carried out at various points throughout the term. For more information on what the inspections involve or when they are, please see our inspections webpage

Can I cook in my room?

All cooking must be done in the kitchen area and under no circumstances can you cook in your room. Bedrooms are fitted with smoke detectors and if they sense smoke the fire alarm will activate. Appliances such as microwaves, toasters, sandwich toasters and kettles must only be used in your kitchen, and must have had an electrical safety test and be labelled accordingly.

Can I smoke in my room or residence?

All University buildings are non-smoking areas, which includes the use of e-cigarettes. However, you are allowed to smoke outside. If you are smoking outside, please stand at least 5 meters away from the building and any windows to prevent the smell of smoke entering the premises and please use the cigarette bins provided. 

What if I need Help and Assistance?

If you require any assistance please refer to our Help & Assistance page. 

However, if you require an Ambulance, Police, Fire or Coastguard you should immediately call the Emergency Services on:

  • External telephone - call 999 or
  • Internal telephone - call 222