Transferring/moving out early

Can I transfer to another room/block/residence?

If you are unhappy in the accommodation you were given, you can make a request to transfer to another room/block/residence. Transfer requests usually open in the first few weeks after you licence has started.

Can I move out of my residence early?

If you wish to move out of University Accommodation early, whether this be due to change in circumstances or if you’re unhappy and experiencing problems, please seek advice from a member of staff in the Accommodation Office.

A request to leave University Accommodation is usually only authorised in exceptional circumstances, however we may be able to advise on the alternative options available to you.

What happens if I withdraw from university?

We can only accommodate registered students in University accommodation. Therefore if you decide to withdraw from University you must inform the Accommodation Office immediately as well as completing the necessary withdrawal forms from Student Support and your Academic Department (if applicable).

We can only release you from your accommodation licence agreement once confirmation of your withdrawal has been received by us from the Academic Office. If you leave your room without telling us and don’t return your key, you will still be charged for your accommodation.