What happens next?

What happens next after applying for accommodation?

To find out general information on what happens next after applying for University Accommodation, please see below or for more specific information choose from either new or current students. 

Receiving an offer

In order to be sent an offer of accommodation, you will need to have met all the terms and conditions of your academic offer and accepted your place to study at Aberystwyth University i.e. you are unconditional firm accepted.

Accommodation is allocated by a computerised system on a first come, first served basis - in date and time order of you successfully submitting your online accommodation application - and in priority order as detailed in our Priorities Policy. Students who are not waiting for results to meet their academic offer will receive accommodation offers before those who are waiting due to them being unconditional therefore, even if you applied as soon as applications open, you may not get your first choice.

The below categories of students are allocated to places in priority order; however, there are also priorities within each category for example, students with medical/health requirements, scholarship holders, care leavers:

  1. Firm Choice Students.
  2. Insurance Choice Students.
  3. Clearing Students.
  4. Exchange/Erasmus Students.


We will allocate you a place in residences, taking into account your preferences and will try to offer you one of your higher preferences. However, because the residences vary in the number of students they accommodate, and some are more popular than others, obtaining your higher preferences cannot be guaranteed. If there is not a vacancy in your first preference of residence, we will consider all your other choices in priority order until a vacancy can be located.


For more specific information, please select the relevant option below: