Dr Marco Odello invited as a guest speaker at the Swedish Defence Academy

20 April 2017

Dr Odello was invited to talk about Human Trafficking and International Peace Operations as he has contributed a chapter on this topic for a forthcoming publication co-edited by Professor Ryszard Piotrowicz on Trafficking of Human Beings that will be published by Routledge this year.

NSS 2017

09 August 2017

Law and Criminology students at Aberystwyth University have given their studies a resounding verdict of approval in an influential UK-wide poll.

In the National Student Survey (NSS) published 9 August 2017, 90% of Aberystwyth Law School students agreed they were satisfied overall compared to the average UK figure of 84%.

Bar set high by Aber Law School in NSS Survey

10 August 2016

Students studying Law and Criminology at Aberystwyth Law School have given its main Law degree course an excellent score of 89% in influential UK survey as students, higher than the UK figure of 86%. 

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