Ms Ann Sherlock

BCL, LLM National University of Ireland

Ms Ann Sherlock

Senior Lecturer

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Module Coordinator

My teaching is mainly in the area of Public law and Human Rights, including modules on Public Law, European Law, Human Rights law, and Devolution in the UK.

Postgraduate Supervision

My supervision of postgraduate theses at Masters and PhD level has largely fallen within the general area of public law. The most recent theses I have supervised have been: States of emergency in international and domestic law; Democracy and human rights; Reciprocity in international law; Special Educational Needs in England & Wales and Ireland; Law and practice on Special Educational Needs in Wales; The Children's Commissioner for Wales; Welsh Language in the Courts in the 21st Century; Constitutional Adjudication in Kuwait; Federalism in Malaysia; Judicial Review in the United Arab Emirates.


Ann’s research interests lie in the general field of public law, and in particular concern: legal aspects of devolution in Wales; human rights (esp. ECHR and UNCRC); the implementation within Wales of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; Commissioners in Wales - the roles, remits and status of the Welsh Commissioners with particular focus on the Children’s Commissioner and Older People’s Commissioner.


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