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Mr Richard Ireland

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  • Member of the Committee of the Welsh Legal History Society.
  • Has delivered the Hugh Alan McLean Lecture in Canada, the Dodderidge Lecture at the Bracton Centre for Legal History Research in the University of Exeter Law School, and the Inaugural Youard Lecture on Welsh Legal and Social History.
  • Maintains the Welsh Legal History Society website:


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Postgraduate Supervision

Recent theses (Ph.D. and M.Phil) supervised have included historical investigations into the Community Service Order, the development of Income Tax procedures, the Poor Law, provision for lunatics, the Penitentiary Act 1779, the inter-relation of law and literature in the eighteenth century and Chinese Copyright Law.


These principally relate to aspects of Legal History and in particular to the history of crime and the criminal justice system. He is a co-author of Imprisonment in England and Wales: A Concise History. His book A Want of Order and Good Discipline: Rules, Discretion and the Victorian Prison was published in 2007 and he co-edited, in two volumes, an edition of The Carmarthen Gaoler's Journal 1845-50, in 2010. His work relates the study of law and legal institutions to wider cultural developments and other cultural forms of expression. He has written articles, for example, on the impact of technological change on perceptions of criminality - investigating such developments as the growth of railways and of photography in the nineteenth century from this perspective. He has also written articles on the representation of law in the literature of Chaucer and in paintings both from the middle ages and the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. A wide range of different material - philosophical, anthropological, psychological - is evident too in his co-authorship with Chris Harding of Punishment: Rhetoric Rule and Practice. He has also edited a collection of papers from the 15th British Legal History Conference, held at Aberystwyth, under the title Legal Cultures, Legal Doctrine and one relating to the centenary of the Department ("A Serious Undertaking"). His forthcoming works include is a history of crime and punishment in Wales, and a Chapter on the Law for a collection of essays on Chaucer.



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