11.5 The Application Process


Applying on-line

The vast majority (~70%) of applicants submit their applications on-line (currently via the UKPASS operated by UCAS). This allows applicants to attach their supplementary documentation and even references. Alternatively, references and large files (> 5Mb) may be sent separately.

Applying off-line

All applicants should submit two copies of the standard postgraduate application form and other applications materials (e.g. statement of purpose, transcripts, research proposal, example of written work) but only one copy of each reference. Alternatively, these may be submitted via e-mail, which account for most of the off-line applications.
See also: www.aber.ac.uk/en/postgrad/howtoapply/

Courses for which alternative forms are used are:

• BSc Information & Library Studies by distance learning
• MSc Sustainable & Efficient Food Production – Joint with Bangor University (Advanced Training Partnership)
• Short Courses in Information & Library Studies
• PGCE - On-line applications via UCAS Teacher Training: www.ucas.com/ucas/teacher-training
• Masters courses at the AU Mauritius Branch Campus
• Legal Practice Course and Graduate Diploma in Law – On-line applications processed via the Central Application Board (Law Society) if courses are available

Members of AU Staff may use the standard application forms but should also submit their Fee Exemption Form after it has been authorised by their Head of Department. Please contact Rhys Williams (PG Admissions) in the first instance.

Supplementary application forms are available for applications for PhD by Published Works. This is primarily for AU staff and graduates of AU.
Copies of applications forms are available in either Welsh or English on request from the Postgraduate Admissions Office or (where available) can be accessed from our website: www.aber.ac.uk/en/postgrad/howtoapply/

Most applicants will choose to submit their forms electronically either on-line or by e-mail.
All applications must be sent to us in the first instance to enable us to create a computer record on AStRA PG Admissions for the prospective student and conduct the necessary checks to ensure they are eligible to matriculate, are allocated the correct fees status, comply with UKVI regulations, ..etc..


The application process is described on the UCASS TT website (www.ucas.com/ucas/teacher-training) including the distinctions between Apply 1 and Apply 2. UCAS charge an application fee. Applications are submitted on-line. Documentation relating to a particular applicant is maintained on a Sharepoint site between the School of Education & Lifelong Learning and the PG Admissions Office.