11.6 References

PG Research Applicants – 2 references

Please note that all applicants for PGR programmes must submit two academic references with their application form. Where a form arrives without the required two references an automated e-mail is sent to the applicant explaining that their application will only be passed to the relevant department when both references have been received. In practice, applications will be forwarded to the Department when the first satisfactory reference has been received. The applicant will then receive another automated e-mail to request the second reference.

PG Taught Applicants – 1 reference

Applicants for PGT courses must submit at least one reference. In most cases these will be academic references but in some cases it will be a work based reference (e.g. for Masters courses with DIS or for experienced non-graduates).
Offers may be made for PGT courses prior to the receipt of any references. The offer would then stipulate that a satisfactory reference as a condition of the offer. Applicants will not be admitted without satisfactory references. N.B. Excludes PGCE, LPC and GDL.

PGCE Applicants

If PGCE applicants have graduated within the last 5 years, they must submit an academic reference to comment on their degree. This is an integral part of their application via UCAS TT. A second referee may be named.