10.8 Contextual Admissions and Special Circumstances

1. Contextual admissions is a term used to describe additional information (beyond that contained in a standard undergraduate application) which provides a context with which to account for an applicant’s social or educational background.

 2. For applicants applying for undergraduate courses in the 2018/19 application cycle, the University will make a contextual offer (1 grade or equivalent below the standard offer) for applicants from 40  Welsh Pathway Schools and 1105 lower two quintile schools in England & Wales as measured by school performance average point score per A level student  (data sourced from UCAS). Applicants who are care leavers will also receive the same contextual offer.

 3. It is the responsibility of an applicant to inform the University of any circumstances that may have unduly affected their previous or current study. This information should be submitted to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at the point of application or at the earliest opportunity if the special circumstance arise post-application.

4. Special circumstances will be considered at the discretion of the relevant admissions tutor (NB: If such circumstances have already been taken into account by the relevant examination board, further allowances will not be considered.)

 5. The University’s Student Support Services offers pre and post-application information, advice and guidance to students. Further information is available Student Support Services