Gold Certificate

PhD/ MPhil Students LLM by Research ONLY:

All postgraduate research students submitting their theses for examination must obtain a Gold Certificate in order for their work to be examined. The Gold Certificate proves that you do not have any outstanding debts owing to the University. 

You will be informed of any outstanding debts in writing.  It is therefore essential that you regularly check your e-mail and keep addresses up to date at all times via your record on the web or by e-mailing .

In order for the examination of your thesis to proceed smoothly it is vital that you submit your intention to submit form up to 3 months and at least one month before  you intend to submit your thesis.

Your Gold Certificate is automatically generated by the Academic Registry when you submit your intention to submit form. The student does NOT require a copy of the Gold Certificate to submit their thesis to their departments.  If there are any outstanding debts the thesis will not be dispatched to the examiners until these are cleared.