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All Eyes and Ears: Pack 2

Menna Beaufort Jones

All Eyes and Ears: Pack 2
Six entertaining books for 5-7 year olds: 'A week in the life of Dewi Dewr', 'Tili and the fairies', 'Bob and Talina', 'Sali and her super space hopper', 'Mrs Garibaldi's shop' and 'Caleb and Moc's amazing adventure'.
Six books from the 'Listen and Read Books' series; entertaining stories aiming to develop and falicitate Foundation Phase children's language, literacy and communication skills.
Each of the colourful books in this pack will also be available to buy separately, as A4 books or as audio e-books, and the audio files will be available to download from the internet.

ISBN: 9781845216306
Editor: Fflur Davies
Series: All Eyes and Ears Series (5-7)
Designer: Richard Huw Pritchard
Applicability: From key stage 1 to key stage 1
Subject: Other
Publication Date: 31/03/2016
Price: £20.00
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