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Title of the Month: Cyfres Sgragan

It's impossible to put a label on good books. Therefore, Primary and Secondary teachers, this series is for you. The "Sgragan" series has been earmarked for Welsh learners from ages 9-11. However, it is also suitable for Welsh-speakers up to Year 7 and SEN KS3 pupils, and now here is a series I can forsee exuberant nursery-school teachers reading while peeping under their chairs for a cat. Sgragan is the cat in question, and she's a character and half; able to speak her own secret lanaguage - 'Sgragiaith' - and born under a car bonnet in a Llanberis garage. Which perhaps explains her love of travelling as she takes the reader along with her to a number of different locations filled with entertaining stories, including Pembrokeshire, Flintshire, Aberdaron and Tywyn. On her journey, she also wears down Tomi, her owner, with questions.

There travelogues take the form of short stories of roughly 18 pages. The truth of the mater is that every pupil, every classroom and every library in in need of books like these, books with I-managed-to-read and I-know-my-customers/pupils-will-benefit-from-reading qualities.

Taking into consideration the fact these this series was intended for use by Welsh learners, its availability on Welsh Books Aps and additional glossary/expressions translation and ideas for activities on Hwb makes it an extraoridinarily valuable resource. As a multimedia pack, this series is screaming for further resources, such as Sgragansong - a book of Sgragan-esque songs and so on - and more stories about Sgragan, of course.

--- Esyllt Maelor


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