Launching a detective novel, 'Y Jaguar Glas Tywyll'

13 May 2009

On Saturday, 2nd of May, the Centre for Education Studies were launching a detective novel for young people aged 10-14 years old, 'Y Jaguar Glas Tywyll' (The Dark Blue Jaguar), at the 2009 Bedwen Lyfrau festival.

The book launch took place at the Arad Goch Centre in Aberystwyth, and Elgan Philip Davies, author of the novel, was the guest speaker. A private detective from Mid Wales also took part in the launch, telling the audience interesting stories about his every day work.

'Y Jaguar Glas Tywyll' is a novel about a 15 year old boy, Gethin Evans, who fancies himself as a bit of a detective. It's no surprise then that he wishes to work during the summer holidays for Margam Powell, Personal Query Service. But even Gethin's vivid imagination couldn't have predicted what would happen following his interview. With Caryl's help, he puts his detective skills to work.

Lynwen Rees Jones, Director of the Centre for Educations Studies said: As the Bedwen Lyfrau festival was held locally this year, we felt that it would be a great opportunity to launch our new detective novel that has been written by a local author. The young people who attended obviously enjoyed themselves listening to the author and the detective talking about their interesting work.