The Digital Geographical Magazine

AS and A Level

Issue 1

This is the first issue of Y Cylchgrawn Daearyddol Digidol/The Digital Geographical Magazine. This has developed from Y Cylchgrawn Daearyddol (Welsh medium publication only) which was published in print for several years (9 issues in total) – more details can be found about these by browsing through CAA's catalogue under Geography.

This first issue of the digital version includes one original English article, original English interviews with immigrants in Wales and three Welsh medium articles.

Long-Term Climate Change

(original article by Davyth Fear, which also appears in Welsh as Newid Hinsawdd Tymor Hir)

Unit and Key Question

2009 & 2010: G1: 1.2

KQ: What are the temporal patterns of climate change?

Original interviews with immigrants from various parts of Wales

(these also appear in Welsh with the next case study article)

(For more information on immigrants in Wales, please see Immigrants in Wales during the 20th century, Robin Evans, CAA, 2007: KS3 History)

Unit and Key Question

2009 & 2010: G2: 1.3

KQ: What is the role of migration in population change?

Astudiaeth Achos ar Fudo: Gwlad Pwyl i'r DU

(adaptation of Migration Case Study: Poland to the UK, Neil Punnett, on Geofile Online, September 2007)

Units and Key Questions

2009 & 2010: G2: 1.3

KQ: What is the role of migration in population change?

2009 & 2010: G2: 1.4

KQ: What are the issues of the migration of refugees and asylum seekers?

The two following articles report on illegal immigrants working in South Wales.

Daearyddiaeth Rhyw

(adaptation of Geography of Gender, Peter Atkins, in Geography Review, February 2008)

Unit and Key Question

2009 & 2010: G2: 1.5

KQ: What are the causes and impacts of changing gender structures?