What is eMentoring?

A chance for current Aberystwyth university students, alumni and career professionals to give and receive advice in an online mentoring set-up.

This could be anything from a one-off email to longer interactions as students and early career graduates plan and navigate their career options. Mentors can offer:

  • advice via email
  • feedback on CVs and application forms
  • valuable insight into a specific career
  • visiting a mentor’s place of work
  • opportunities for work shadowing/experience


Making the most of eMentoring

You might be a current student at Aberystwyth University, an early career or experienced graduate – eMentoring offers many opportunities for you whatever stage you’re at.

Aberystwyth’s e-mentoring scheme can help students and graduates build their networks and expand their opportunities. Need a helpful contact in a particular industry? You can search the mentor profiles by profession, interests and location, allowing you to build a supportive network quickly and easily.

However you fit into the Aberystwyth University community - whether as a current student, an experienced graduate or a career professional or entrepreneur - a mentoring relationship can have many benefits. Whether you’re looking for guidance, facing a challenging time in your career, looking to add a new skill to your CV or an opportunity to share the benefit of your experience, you will find many positive benefits to this exclusive service for alumni and students of Aberystwyth University.

Mentees (Aber students)

  • Build a network to help you reach that first step of the career ladder
  • Expand your career horizons and look at what experienced Aber grads have gone on to do
  • Get the advice, support and understanding of someone who has been where you are right now
  • All from the safety and security of your laptop/mobile phone

When you join the Aberystwyth eMentoring scheme you gain insights and connections that can help make your career ideas and plans a reality. Your mentor will share advice and personal experiences, offering you a personal connection to what you can expect from life after Aber. You’ll gain experience, build your confidence, make connections and find a whole new perspective on the possibilities open to you after graduation.

Benefits for the mentee

  • One to one support from an experienced professional
  • An opportunity to network and build contacts within an industry
  • Gaining an insight into your chosen industry or career
  • Help in recognising your own abilities and limitations in relation to your career ideas and in highlighting areas for development
  • Development of specialist skills
  • Development of employability skills
  • Practical advice on job search techniques and skills

For further details please see our leaflet Mentee Guidelines


Mentors (Aber alumni and Career Professionals)

  • Share your years of experience and knowledge
  • Give students and early career graduates the benefit of what you have learned over the years to get where you are today
  • Inspire students who lack confidence in pursuing career goals
  • Stay connected and build a community of Aber grads who support and encourage each other

Become a mentor and you will provide support, job searching advice and career guidance for a current student or recent graduate who will benefit from your unique experience and skills. Sharing your knowledge will provide valuable insight for mentees, keep you connected to the ideas and exceptional environment that Aberystwyth represents and help us play a key role in building a thriving, enduring Aber experience.

Benefits for the mentor

  • Knowledge that you have helped someone to grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • Satisfaction that you have given a student or recent graduate increased knowledge, skills and experience in attaining their career goals
  • A chance to develop a new skill for your CV
  • An opportunity to reflect on your own experiences from a new perspective and to learn from those about to enter into employment
  • An understanding of the challenges and expectations of students coming into the workplace
  • A heightened sense of value and contribution to the graduate ‘talent pool’
  • An opportunity to increase networks and contacts outside of the current workplace environment

For more information please see the following leaflets or contact the Careers Service at Aberystwyth University.

Mentor Guidelines

Mentor FAQs